In business there are a lot of expenses that we have to deal with and there is no way around it. Some of the biggest expenses can be shipping and postage. If you have packages that needs to be shipped, you have to think which way would be the best way to wrap the package for shipping purposes. Now if you have a small package you may want to think about using skin packaging. Now you may be wondering what in the world that is.

Well it is a form of packaging that puts your item in between a sheet of plastic and a piece of cardboard. The plastic is usually applied by some type of vacuum.  The reason that the vacuum is used is because it sucks the air out of the plastic. Now the wrapping is around your item skin tight, hence the name skin packaging.

Now you may be thinking, why would I want to do this type of packaging? It does not sound like it prevents the package from being damaged. Well that is very true, you want to use this package for items that you are not really worried about damage, and you can always use some wrap around the item as well. The reason you want to use skin packaging is because it is cheaper than other normal packaging. So whether you are worried about expenses for your business or packaging for yourself, cost is always a concern, so take advantage of something less expensive. Another great thing about using this type of packaging is that if you have to do presentations, this package is perfect for you to use to show off your products.

Now please understand skin packaging is not for heavy items. You want it for smaller items like, CD’s or electronics or books, things like that. So now the question is where can you find a company that does skin packaging? Here at Thermo Packaging Suppliers we specialize in this type of packing. We have been in business for over 50 years.  Now if you want to see what we can do please feel free to visit our website at and take a tour and see what we can do for you. You can also call us at 440-543-5188. Let us help you package and save money at the same time.


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