When you have to ship products, you have to think about what type of packaging you want to use. There are a couple of things you want to think about, one is the safety of your products, two is cost and three is the appearance. One of the most consistent and safe packaging methods is the folding carton. Now in case you were wondering what a folding carton is, let’s take a look.

The folding carton is made of paperboard, and it’s cut, folded and laminated and printed for transport to the manufacturers. That is basically it, it’s also one of the oldest forms of packaging methods around. They are easy to use but valuable. We have all seen the boxes that come with the dotted lines and instructions on how to fold them.

Here at Thermo Packaging Suppliers we specialize in folding cartons. The great thing about these types of cartons is that it presents a strong visual package and it will keep your product safe and protected. If you want your product to sell when it gets there, the right visual package is a must and the right design for your folding cartons is a must. Take a look at some of our folding cartons at our website    https://www.thermopackaging.com/folding-cartons/so you can see for yourself. These types of packages will help your product sell quickly.

Now you may be wondering what type of products would be good to ship in folding cartons and that is a good question. So let’s look at some of the more common things shipped in folding cartons, dry food like cereal, electronics, candy and frozen foods as well as other items.

At Thermo Packaging Suppliers we work with our customers to make sure that they have just what they need for their folding cartons. You want to wow the people you send the package to, we can assure that you obtain an awesome wow factor.

There are plenty of packaging suppliers out there but one thing that separates Thermo Packaging Suppliers is that we have been doing packaging for 50 years. We are experts in the packaging industry and we will use our great experience and state of the art technology to help you design the folding cartons that you need and want. Take a tour of our website and see for yourself what helps us stand out just like your packaging will. https://www.thermopackaging.com/folding-cartons/


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